Testimonial by Piano Teacher Ms Ang

Residing in Singapore

As an aspiring pianist and young piano teacher, I have many beginner students who are looking for a performance quality piano within their budget. As part of my job, I have scouted around several second-hand piano showrooms in Singapore. After carefully testing out and inspecting the pianos everywhere, I believe that Pianos from Japan has some of the best quality second-hand pianos and excellent service. So I always direct my students to Pianos from Japan as a first choice in purchasing their piano. Many of my students have bought their pianos from this showroom, Both the parents and kids are very pleased with their purchase, and the kids love their new instrument.

I also own a Kawaii upright grand bought fromPianos from Japan. This is the teaching piano in my main studio, and also my main practice piano. A gorgeous instrument with a deep, mellow sound. It is the best piano I have bought so far, and being an unforgiving piano, provides excellent training even at high performance levels. With daily practice on this piano, I am able to tackle any piano I encounter at exam and performance venues. Even the Steinway concert grand at YST conservatory is much easier to play in comparison.
This piano has seen me through the ABRSM Performance Diploma Exam and the National Piano Competition 2015, and will continue to be my instrument of choice in my future audition, competition and exam preparations.

For those who are concerned about the durability of a second-hand piano – the five-year guarantee and the prompt and attentive service means that you can buy the product with peace of mind.

-Ms Ang

Testimonial by Ms Larrisa

Living in Bukit Timah, Singapore.

It has been a very pleasant buying experience for us.

Being a very cautious buyer, I always do my homework on the internet before heading down to the store to buy the product. Furthermore, buying a piano is a relatively huge investment, thus spending more time researching.

Went to a few piano shops before I found PianosFromJapan. All the pianos on display are as good as new from the appearance. The shop owner, Jason was very patient. He listens to my needs and recommended one within my budget but of superior quality. The sound of the piano is so crisp and clear, that even a layman like me could tell the difference. After sales was also great.

In short, it was an excellent buying experience and I was totally put at ease dealing with Jason, who knows his stuff and also a responsible seller!

Testimonial by Mr Kenny Chua

Residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am extremely delighted with my new piano – it’s the perfect addition to our home! It looks and sounds good as new. This is definitely the best purchase I’ve had in a long while.

Credit goes to the shop owner, Jason, who impressed me with his extensive knowledge on pianos only to find out later he is a prolific pianist himself. Until now, I can’t quite believe I finally own a Yamaha YUX and at a really great price at that.  I didn’t know I could actually buy a second hand piano at a fraction of the price of a new one and get this, in excellent condition. I was flabbergasted!

My friend recommended me Pianos From Japan and I decided to pay their shop a visit when I was in Singapore for the weekend. My kids were ecstatic! Now, my two girls can have their piano lessons at home and my three year old boy also showing interest!

The Service and assistance he provided was above and beyond what was expected of Pianos From Japan. I bought the piano last December and it has become the main attraction in our living room.

When people ask about the piano, I proudly tell them it’s an original Yamaha YUX  from Japan. And when I get around mentioning the price, I would usually get the same reaction – they are all amazed! I’ve heard a number of horror stories of substandard pianos purchased at a hefty price – I am just glad I was pointed out to the right direction by a close and trusted friend. This is why I always make it a point to recommend Pianos From Japan whenever someone shows interest in owning a piano. It’s always a pleasure to share my wonderful experience and help people at the same time.

I guess I got carried away with this testimonial. What I am really trying to say is you have a highly satisfied customer right here!

Testimonial by Mdm Rebecca

American expatriate family living in Singapore

I don’t usually bother leaving testimonials and reviews, but I am happy to make an exception for Pianos From Japan team for the exceptional service and the gorgeous Yamaha piano I took home.

First off, my husband and I received a warm welcome when we arrived at their shop.  The initial plan was to simply look around and check out the second hand pianos on sale. My husband, Philip loves to listen to me play the piano, especially when were entertaining guests. But since we relocated here in Singapore, I had to leave my baby grand back in Arizona.

To be honest, I didn’t expect much when I entered the shop. It was a pleasant surprise to see rows of gleaming, beautifully preserved pianos that were all imported from Japan. My husband and I have been doing some window shopping for the past weeks and Pianos From Japan carried the best collection of solid quality pianos.

The shop owner was there to greet us and cordially showed us around. He also presented authorization certificates and shipment documentations to vouch for the authenticity of the units. Clearly, they did not carry any China and Malaysian-made units. Since I used to play and teach piano extensively in the past, I have developed a fine eye for quality and I have to say, all their pianos are in great condition – no substandard pieces unlike the other shops we’ve been to.

We explained to the shop owner we were merely looking around and he was very patient and kind to answer all our questions and gave us a tour of their latest collection. He also happily pointed out the fine aspects of buying a second hand piano and what to check before making a purchase – certainly not something you expect from other dealers.

My eyes were initially caught by one of the Yamaha U3. The shop owner said the piece just arrived that week. Right then and there, I wanted to take it home but was a bit apprehensive about the expense. After all, purchasing a piano seemed like a significant splurge; well, at least for me.

The shop owner knew we never really had any intention of buying anything but still he patiently listened to what I was looking for and politely made suggestions. When I asked for the price of the white Yamaha, I was surprised it was priced considerably lower than I have expected. It looks good as new and sounded marvelous when my husband prodded me to play a few bars.

I discovered that the shop owners also play the piano really well, which is a huge plus for me as I felt I wasn’t merely dealing with a typical businessman but one who really appreciates music and has fine taste for good quality pianos.

After a bit of hesitation and a lot of coaxing from my husband, we finally decided to purchase the Yamaha U3. We only paid 200 deposit and the shop owner arranged for its delivery two days later. It’s definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made here in Singapore.

I was also pleasantly surprised the package came with a free gift package, which included a metronome and a power efficient piano heater. Overall, on top of the great quality piano, they offer the best service I have come across in a long while. More power!

Testimonial by Mr Choo CM

Restaurant owner, living in Singapore

As a businessman, I always want to make sure I get the best value for my money – and that’s what I exactly got and more with Pianos From Japan.

I have recently opened a restaurant in Marina Bay area. I thought a piano would be a perfect addition to complement the intimate setting. Also, I have always loved the idea of hiring a pianist to play soft music in the background – nothing too obtrusive. I had the vision in my head for months while finalising the design of the restaurant. I even had one corner elevated where the piano would be positioned.

The problem was, by the time the restaurant was fully operational, I did not have any budget left to purchase the Yamaha piano I have kept an eye on. With everything new and carefully handpicked, I wouldn’t dream of putting a second hand piano in my restaurant. I simply refused to compromise quality, especially after doing some research and hearing unpleasant experiences of friends purchasing a second hand piano.

By a sheer stroke of luck, I happened to attend an event near the Pianos From Japan showroom at Clarke Quay area.  Since I arrived a little too early, I decided to just look around to pass the time. I was greeted by the shop owner with a warm smile and politely inquired if I am looking for something in particular.

At the sight of the beautiful pianos in the showroom, I initially thought they were brand new. It was only when I asked for the price of one unit that I realised I was actually looking at second hand pieces imported from Japan. Who knew, right?

I decided to scrutinise the pianos more closely and spotted a Yamaha C3 grand piano that would perfectly blend with the sleek, modern interiors of my restaurant. And as luck would have it, I can afford the selling price. Plus, it’s just in time for the opening.

Despite the bubbling excitement, my cautious nature prevailed. After having a pleasant conversation with the shop owner, I told him I will visit again tomorrow to bring along a friend who happens to have extensive knowledge on the particular instrument.

Just as I have anticipated, my friend was quite impressed by the collection they had on the showroom. With his enthusiastic approval, I immediately arranged for the purchase and delivery of the piano. The shop owner, Jason was kind enough to make sure the piano was delivered the following day so everything could be ready for the restaurant opening.

Will recommend Pianos From Japan to my friends. Definitely a pleasant shopping experience.

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