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Upright & Grand Piano Tuning

Piano tuning needs no introduction. A good tuning brings an piano back to live. With team of professional piano tuners, Pianos From Japan offers the the best piano tuning services at the most competitive rates. We provide grand piano and upright piano tuning services as well as pitch raise services.

  • Upright Piano
  • S$80-150
  • Grand Piano
  • S$150-250
  • Pitch Raise
  • S$50 on top of tuning

Upright & Grand Piano Regulation

Piano regulation is not widely recognized by the majority of the consumers in Singapore. Piano regulation takes care of the mechanical aspects of your piano action and keyboard. If your piano plays very stiff, lack of responsiveness, hard to play fast passages, or even having stuck keys, it is probably time to do a full regulation.

  • Upright Piano
  • Starts at S$150
  • Grand Piano
  • Starts at S$250
  • Keyboard Lighten / Weigh Down
  • Starts at S$150

Upright & Grand Piano Transportation

Proper piano transportation and delivery takes years of experience to master. You never want your loved piano to get improper moved and transported which may results in irreversible damages, eg., Soundboard damages, tuning board damages, exterior dents and scratches and even piano action damages. Pianos From Japan has a dedicated team of professional piano movers who has over 20 years in piano moving experiences. They can handle all kinds of lifts, stairways and terrains.

  • Upright Piano
  • Starts at S$150
  • Overtime Delivery – S$ 150 / way
    Stairway Charges – Starts From S$ 100
  • Grand Piano
  • Starts at S$450
  • Overtime Delivery – S$ 250 / way
    Stairway Charges – Starts From S$ 150
  • Digital Piano
  • Starts at S$80
  • Overtime Delivery – S$ 50 / way
    Stairway Charges – Starts From S$ 50

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