Through the years, we have built and grown our business based on exceptional Quality, Service and Support.

Carefully Handpicked in Japan

A lot of people who visit our showroom are amazed at the excellent conditions of our used pianos and with good reason. Pianos From Japan maintains a network of Japanese agents that go around Japan to carefully peruse and choose second hand pianos following a stringent criteria.

Pianos are picked from individual owners and not from music schools, where most are already in bad shape. We also try not to choose pianos that are beyond 45 years old and only if the units are well-maintained and tuned on a regular basis.  In addition, our pianos are carefully scrutinized to ensure the essential parts such as the hammer assemblies, strings and soundboard have not been damaged.

Meticulously Reconditioned in Japan

Japanese craftsmanship is renowned and revered all over the world. Thus, we choose to have all our second hand pianos reconditioned in Japan. Once the used pianos have passed our rigorous evaluation process, the unit is sent to a famous piano factory in Saitama, which is a city near Tokyo.

There, the pianos undergo thorough evaluation and subjected to a full reconditioning process. This process basically involves replacement of only the worn out parts and touch ups are conducted on the essential functions. This helps us ensure everything is in good working condition before they are shipped to Singapore.

Regulated and Fine-Tuned

At Pianos From Japan, it’s not just about making a sale. We are fully committed to deliver value and satisfaction. To do this, we make sure all our pianos are perfectly fine tuned and thoroughly regulated before they are delivered.

This is done with precise as tuning affects the pitch of the keys. Regulation is also given great importance to ensure the keys are responsive and light. This helps ensure the pianist will enjoy optimum performance without feeling the fatigue after prolonged practice.

10 Year Warranty On all Parts

Last but certainly not the least, we offer 10 years warranty on parts – something that is not offered by other second hand and used piano sellers. We are not only known for our excellent selection of pianos from Japan, we are also widely favored for our exceptional after sales support. With us, you can always expect prompt and patient support and we are always willing to go an extra mile to ensure satisfaction and yes, even exceed expectations.

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