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Our Collection of Grand Pianos

Pianos From Japan currently has an extensive collection of grand pianos. We have the Yamaha C3 which is highly recommended by professional pianists. The teachers in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) strongly recommend their Diploma students to get an Yamaha C3 because it fulfills all aspects a professional pianists would need  in a piano.

For Kawai, we have the Kawai KG3 & the KG6 concert grand which measures at 7’4″. The KG series pianos system has a more rigid structure, which translates into better tone projection.

Yamaha Grand Pianos

Duplex Scaling system – In regular pianos there is a portion of the string that is “unused”. This portion is usually damped with a strip of cloth to prevent noise. The Duplex Scaling system allows resonance, therefore it vibrates immensely enriching the sound.

Aluminum alloy action rails – Periodic weather changes cause fluctuations in wood rails. This may affect the touch response of the piano. Yamaha developed this special patent, allowing many years of stability of the action regulation.

Kawai Grand Pianos

Kawai grand pianos have evolved steadily over the decades–from the Model 500/600, to the KG Series that became popular among teachers and institutions.

Every Kawai grand piano is a symbol of the art and science of bringing music to life. For more than 85 years, Kawai piano have remained at the forefront of piano design and manufacture, introducing materials, technologies and design elements that have set the benchmark across the industry, and across the world.

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