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    Jason PFJ

    1st Myth – Only piano players are good in choosing a used piano
    I can’t stress it enough when it comes to selecting a secondhand piano, that you have to acquire some basic piano knowledge. I don’t mean the knowledge of how to play the piano, but some piano mechanism knowledge. In this highly commercialised world, the only person you can trust is really yourself. I’ve seen parents ignorantly listening to their teacher’s false advice in choosing a seemingly good piano. In reality, the piano chosen was not worthy at all.

    There was a time when a parent brought along the son’s piano teacher to help selecting a piano from us. The teacher was very much in a hurry, muddled through every piano and stopped by one of them to start his ‘inspection’. It was so interesting watching his unique way of inspecting as they didn’t really make any sense and hardly any logical inspection steps. To me, he was just doing that for show and to cover up for his incompetency. The teacher first slammed part of the higher register of the piano using his right arm while playing a few notes in the lower register with his left hand and did the same the other way around. Then the teacher played some scales very harshly (with loads of errors). He then proceeded lifting up the top cover and started seeing what’s inside the piano cabinet while playing a few notes. After a minute or so, he told us to open the lower board for inspection. With the inside of the lower part of the piano in sight, he carried on playing a few notes while looking directly at the strings. All of which were not logical in inspecting a piano. The teacher finally concluded that the piano keys were too ‘direct’ and commented ‘Professional pianos won’t be as direct’. His comment left all of us in disbelieve and in awe. His ways of inspecting did not have any logic to it. The comment he gave was just unprofessional and doesn’t make any sense. The parent of course trusted the teacher and they left.

    It is a myth that only piano players are good in choosing a used piano. In fact, most piano players choose a piano only by its touch and sound. So is a layman. I would strongly suggest parents who are looking to buy a used piano to go online and acquire some basic piano selecting methods and piano mechanism knowledge. This way, you won’t be fooled by anyone, you won’t pay for a piano that’s not worthy and you certainly you won’t miss a dark horse.

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