Chap. 1 Lost motion – How to make piano keyboard more responsive

How to make piano keyboard more responsive
Chap. 1 Lost motion

When you need extra effort to execute a long trill or repetitive staccatos, probably your piano keyboard is lack of responsiveness. The number 1 enemy to that is the excess gap between the jack top and the buckskin of the hammer butt. We call it the lost motion, which basically means the distance traveled by depressing the key before the hammer was being moved. In this video, we will be teaching you the easy way to reduce the lost motion to the correct amount. Too much lost motion means unresponsive keyboard while zero lost motion may cause the jack not able to reset by itself. This will cause the note not able to sound after a ‘mf’ blow. Retain as little lost motion as possible so as to allow the jack to reset without obstruction.