Cheap Vs. Expensive secondhand piano

There are some cheap secondhand pianos for sale in Singapore which are much of an attraction to laymen. Many of these pianos were imported from China, Indonesia or Malaysia and had had very bad maintenance done. When some secondhand piano shops take in these pianos to their warehouse, all they do is simply vacuuming off the dust, shining the tuning pins and polishing the piano body. At this stage the piano looks excellent, but how about their playing mechanism, touch and sound? A professional piano technician will strongly doubt that.

Most often, the relatively more expensive second hand pianos in the market are usually refurbished to almost brand new condition. Most importantly, the fine parts and mechanisms have all been carefully regulated and adjusted. This includes essential adjustments like key dip, touch weight and special procedures like voicing. These used pianos are much more pleasurable to play on and have a much higher reselling price. Most importantly, they worth every penny that you spent unlike being ripped off buying cheaper used pianos.

At Pianos From Japan, our pianos are not the cheapest in the market. In fact, we only deal with high end branded second hand pianos. However, if you take into account of the quality and the craftsmanship of our pianos, I would confidently say that our pianos are the ones that really worth every penny that you spent on.