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Due to conflicts, this website has stopped representing Pianos From Japan Pte. Ltd. The level of services and products described on this website is no longer an accurate gauge to the actual services and products provided by Pianos From Japan Pte. Ltd. For further information, kindly contact the owner of the Pianos From Japan brand, Jason, at Sorry for the inconvenience caused everybody.

Upright Pianos

We currently the largest upright piano inventory in the whole of Singapore. We have the base model Yamaha U1, U2, U3, performance grade Yamaha pianos as well as special edition Yamaha upright grand pianos. For Kawai range, we have the K3, K5 and K8 equivalent, exam models as well as limited edition Kawai pianos.

Grand Pianos

At PianosFromJapan, we carry the most extensive collection of used grand pianos in the whole of Singapore! We have the Yamaha baby grand piano, concert size grand piano as well as varies top quality Kawai grand pianos. Price ranging from as low as S$8,000 to S$35,000, we aim to make grand pianos affordable to all.

Our Advantages

We value our philosophy of selling only best quality used pianos very seriously. We only import pianos from Japan and we take great pride on how meticulously we service our pianos.

Piano Rental

best piano shop singapore

We provide high quality grand piano & upright piano rental services for corporate and private events. Rent-to-Own schemes are also available to individuals.

Our Services

Besides piano sales and rentals, we also provide high quality piano tuning & regulation services. Upright piano tuning starts from S$80 and regulation from S$150 only.

Meet the Founder

Japanese Imports

All our pianos are 100% handpicked & imported directly from Japan. Meticulously cared by Japanese piano technicians.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the best used pianos at the most competitive prices in Singapore. Found cheaper pianos? We price match them.

10-Yr Warranty

We are so confident in our pianos and we 10 years warranty for all our pianos. Longer than any competitors.

Fully Tuned & Regulated

Our team of professional tuners will go over each piano to fine tune and fully regulate the piano action & keyboard.

Supplier of Schools

Pianos From Japan has been providing quality pianos to many local music schools & private teachers around Singapore.

Best Services

We manage to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in quality of the pianos & after sales service in 6 yrs of operation.



I was very impressed at the qualities of all the pianos displayed in the shop. Very satisfied with the professional service and I was well informed in all aspects in buying a used piano before purchasing. Will definitely recommend.

TorresBuying for his 5 year-old
Liew Family

Out of so many we have visited, Pianos From Japan has the most extensive good quality pianos, which we did not see in any other places. We learnt a lot from the shop owner and were very happy for the services.

Liew FamilyBuying for 2 children

I visited 6 showrooms but finally back in Pianos From Japan as the general quality of their pianos are of much higher standard than the rest. The shop owner spent almost 2 hours  to patiently taking me through the selection process.

SurandranBuying for family

A Little About Us

PianosFromJapan is the best & largest used piano shop in Singapore. In 2017, we had our 3rd expansion – over 3000 sqft showroom space, accommodates over 100 upright and grand pianos.

Our pianos are handpicked and refurbished by a renowned piano refurbishing factory in Japan. Most of our pianos comes with its original ‘Birth Certificate’, which offers a detailed history of various pianos. We also dedicate a lot of effort and time in fine tuning and regulating our pianos so that you get to enjoy the full benefits of our service. Though our pianos are fine in quality, we still price them very affordably and provide top-notch after-sales services.

The reason why we only import pianos from Japan is because pianos manufactured in Japan are renowned for their superior build. Apart from the quality of their build, Japanese pianists pay more attention to the maintenance of their pianos. With discipline and proper planning, they tune and regulate their pianos twice a year. This allows the technicians to restore the condition of the used piano. Most of the Japanese piano technicians have been in this field for more than a decade whereas some have spent their whole life expending the highest level of craftsmanship in restoring a second hand piano.

Our showroom is located at High Street Centre along the Singapore River. We frequently offer gift packages, including branded metronome, piano polishing spray, score clips and leather keyboard cloth among others. Sometimes we offer unique presents, such as unlimited piano consultation with experienced teachers, which is priceless to piano enthusiasts.

We aim to be the best secondhand piano dealer / distributor/shop in Singapore by offering you top quality pianos, best services and exceptional after-sales support. If you are looking to buy a secondhand piano in Singapore, be sure to contact us and check out our showroom. We are always happy to help you in the best possible manner.

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